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The learner's licence test
Learner's licence application requirements
Writing the test
What you must know
Road signs and markings

Writing the test

How will I be tested?
The test is written in multiple-choice format. At some testing centres you will take the test on a computer, at others it will be a pen-and-paper test. When you make the booking for your test, ask your testing centre whether they use computers or test books.

For the pen-and-paper test you will be given a book of questions, an answer sheet, a chart of road signs and a book showing various road layouts as well as pictures of the controls of a vehicle.

The examiner will explain how the test is to be conducted and which sections you must answer, depending on which class of vehicle you wish to drive once you have qualified. Make sure you listen very carefully to the instructions. If you're not sure about any aspect of the testing procedure, don't be shy to ask. There will probably be other people who need clarification too and your question to the examiner could help those candidates as well.

What is the pass mark in the official test?
Although the allocation of questions and pass marks may change from time to time, the test normally consists of 68 questions spread across the syllabus as follows:

Rules of the road 30 22 74%
Road signs, signals and markings 30 23 77%
Controls of the vehicle 8 6 75%

Note: The allocation of questions between the various sections may change from time to time, as well as the required pass marks.

Be sure you understand the test question
Each question has at least three choices from which to select the correct answer. For some questions only one answer is the correct one; with others, more than one option is correct and you must specify which they are. In some questions there may be another option that seems correct. Choose the one that is most applicable to the question. This means that you should read each question very carefully to make sure that you fully understand exactly what is being asked. Don't skim through the question in a hurry and jump to the wrong conclusion because you didn't read it carefully.

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